What are the tutors qualifications?

All tutors are DBS certified, ensuring that they do not have any criminal background or history that would make them unsafe to work with children. As well as this, we ensure tutors have an excellent academic background alongside experience working with children. Our tutors come from a range of backgrounds including teachers, students and graduates. You can find out more on our about us page.


How long does each lesson last?

This is dependant on the age of the students. Lower primary school students will usually have a lesson lasting 1 hour. Older primary school and secondary school students will usually have 2 hour lessons. However this is dependant on the students needs and abilities. We recommend a minimum of 2 hours per week, whether that be spread over 2 days or in one go.


What is the price ?

Prices start from £10 per hour with our Team Scheme. We offer different packages depending on the amount of hours you are doing per week. Our average price is £20 per hour and our maximum price is £30 per lesson


How does online tutoring work?

Find out more on our online tutoring page


Is online tutoring as effective as face to face tutoring?

We find that online tutoring is just as effective as face to face tutoring. Tutors and students are able to demonstrate using virtual whiteboards, share their screen and send resources. With the added benefit of no physical interaction, it is the best solution to social distancing.